Vikalp Soil Carbon Booster, Humic Acid Liquid Soil Application Fertilizer, 10% Humic Acid, 5% Amino Acid, 3% Seaweed Extract, and 1% Plant Extract
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Company / Manufacture Vikalp
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Vikalp Soil Booster – a nurturing elixir for your plants that goes beyond the ordinary. Crafted with care, this organic liquid fertilizer is a blend of potassium humate, activated humic acids, algae extract, and amino acids, designed to elevate your gardening experience.

Enriched with the goodness of nature, Vikalp Soil Booster Humic Liquid boasts a harmonious composition, including 10% humic acid, 5% amino acid, 3% seaweed extract, and 1% plant extract.

This unique blend is more than just a fertilizer; it's a tonic for your plants, fostering a thriving ecosystem in your garden.

Experience the magic as the potassium humates in Vikalp Soil Booster work their wonders, stimulating robust root growth and enhancing nutrient absorption.

Say goodbye to plant stress caused by drought, heat, cold, or salt, as this extraordinary formula increases your plants' resilience to abiotic challenges.

But that's not all – witness the transformation in seed germination and root development, as Vikalp Soil Booster paves the way for a flourishing garden.

The combination of ingredients in this soil booster accelerates the development of plant tissue, providing a nurturing environment for your green companions.

Amino acids, the building blocks of life, are seamlessly absorbed by the roots, and readily available for protein biosynthesis within the plant.

This not only conserves energy for the plant but also opens the door to enhanced metabolic processes, contributing to increased yield formation and better stress resistance.

Moreover, the plant amino acids in Vikalp Soil Booster serve as a valuable nitrogen source, completing the holistic approach to plant nutrition.

It's not just a fertilizer; it's a comprehensive solution for your plants' well-being.

Dosage: Just 50ml of Vikalp Soil Booster in 10 liters of water

A small measure for a big impact.

Elevate your gardening game and watch your plants thrive with the nurturing touch of Vikalp Soil Booster.

Your garden deserves the best, and Vikalp Soil Booster delivers nothing short of excellence.

Pickup Address: Bhopal, MADHYA PRADESH, 462030
Khasra no 144/2, Nathu Bera Marg, Panchayat Headquarter, Khedichhap, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462030
Address of origin: Khasra no 144/2, Nathu Bera Marg, Panchayat Headquarter, Khedichhap, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462030