Dr. Bacto's 5G VBM, combination of Verticillium lecani, Metarhizium Anisopliae, Beauveria Bassiana
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5G VBM: Contact Insecticide

Product Composition: This product contains a consortium of entomopathogenic fungi that are natural mortality agents and environmentally safe used for biological control of insects and other arthropod pests.

Total Viable Count - Minimum 3 × 1010 CFU per gram of capsule content.

Content: This packet contains three strips (each containing 5 capsules). Two strips have given bio insecticide fungal species and another strip is of food kit (rich in nitrogen, carbon, vitamins, pH reducer, spreader, etc.) required for better growth of these fungi.

This product is developed by using the latest dextrose-based technology which produces water-soluble agriculture formulations enclosed in biodegradable gelatin capsules. Dr. Bacto’s 5G VBM biocapsules have features like good stability, good solubility, and good to carry and storage.

(After activation in warm water (not exceeding 45-50) each biocapsule gives 1010 CFU per gram of organisms.)

Dosage, Direction for use, and Manner and time of application: 10 Bioinsecticides with 5 food kit capsules /Acre.

For agricultural use only.

Address of origin: Darpan sankul -b , Jadhav colony, oppt dream castle majhamal Gatt No 176/1, Talegaon(Dindori), Tal, Dindori Nashik,, Nashik, MAHARASHTRA, 422003