Uttam Sultone Sulphur 90% Fertilizer Micro Granules, Can Be Mixed With Other Fertilizers
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Technical: Sulphur 90%

Uttam Sultone sulfur 90% fertilizer micro granules are used for all types of fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

It is an Organic Nutrient Rich Product as per Integrated Nutritional Management. Furthermore, it is a Low Input Efficiency Product to Provide Overall Health For Soil/Plants/Crops. It can be mixed with other fertilizers.

Dosage:- 3kg per acre.


  • Avoid contact with mouth, eyes, and skin.

  • Wash thoroughly the contaminated clothes and parts of the body after use.

  • Do not smoke, drink, eat, or chew anything while spraying.

  • Spray in the direction of the wind.

  • Keep away from foodstuffs, empty foodstuff containers, and animal food.

Pickup Address: BINDKI, UTTAR PRADESH, 212635
Corporate One, First Floor,5 Commercial Centre,Jasola, New Delhi 110025
Address of origin: Corporate One, First Floor,5 Commercial Centre,Jasola, New Delhi 110025