Urja F1 US 101 Hybrid Pumpkin Seeds, Ovate Shape with Freckled Green Skin Variety
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Company / Manufacture Urja Agriculture Company
Country of origin: India




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The  Hybrid Pumpkin has a wide range of health benefits including its richness in Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Iron, and Beta-carotene. It has a high water concentration, almost 94 % which makes it a low-calorie food item that can be a great source of energy. The Antioxidants such as beta-cryptoxanthin present in the  F1 Hybrid Pumpkin will protect you from chronic diseases such as heart problems and cancer and also help to boost your immunity. The Hybrid pumpkin is also known for improving eyesight and facilitating weight loss control. 

Along with the nutritional advantages of the  F1 Hybrid Pumpkin, it is extremely versatile, tasty, and delicious and can be included in a wide variety of food recipes. Custards, pancakes, and pies are almost incomplete without the hybrid Pumpkin varieties.  But you can also add pumpkin to normal pasta, vegetable or soup dishes. 

The pumpkin hybrid seeds are themselves edible and packed with nutritional benefits. But you can even grow them in your garden to experience fresh, tasty  Hybrid Pumpkin varieties. You need to find a sunny location in your garden. Make sure the soil is best and has organic compost, fertilizers, and some well-rotted manure.

Keep the  f1 hybrid pumpkin seeds in warm water for a day in order to speed up the germination process. While sowing the seeds, make sure you plant them by leaving some space between each other for the vines to grow comfortably. Most of the hybrid pumpkin varieties can be harvested after 3 months of planting them but check for the state of the fruit to decide the perfect harvest time.

It is a warm-season crop and requires dry weather with abundant sunshine. The soil should be well-drained, loamy, and rich in organic matter to get a good yield.

Variety Details

  • Ovate shape with freckled green skin

  • Orange flesh when ripe

  • Ready in 80 to 90 days

  • Average weight: 10 to 12kg

  • Seed Requirement: 300-400 grams per acre

Pickup Address: NEW DELHI, DELHI, 110042
C-91, Badli Extension New Delhi, NEW DELHI, Delhi 110042
Address of origin: C-91, Badli Extension New Delhi, NEW DELHI, Delhi 110042