T.stanes Modulin Foliar Bio Stimulant, Organic Mineral Activators, Promote Plant Metabolic Activities for An Increase Number of Flowers and Growth
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Company / Manufacture T.Stanes and Company Limited
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Modulin is a foliar bio-stimulant with organic mineral activators, that promote the plant metabolic activities for an increased number of flowers and plant growth.


Modulin maximizes the genetic potential of plants. It increases the structural integrity of the cell membrane and cell division. It regulates the developmental processes and augmentation of the physiological potential in crops. It activates the physiological process, growth and productivity. Modulin increases root growth, uptake of nutrients and crop yield.

Mode of Action:

The mineral activators in the formulation trigger the target gene and work as signal inducers for the plant, to respond and activate the plant’s metabolism which promotes plant growth and increases the number of flowers.


Modulin can be applied before the flowering stage in multiple crops.

Crops Recommended: All crops.


Foliar application:  1.0 kg/acre and 2.5 kg/ha.

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8/23-24, Race Course Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641018
Address of origin: 8/23-24, Race Course Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641018