Swal Wuxal Macromix NPK 11:11:8 Fortified Zinc and Boron (Suspension) Fertilizer
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Technical details: NPK 11:11:8 fortified Zinc & Boron (Suspension). Total Nitrogen - 11%, Urea Nitrogen 7.2%, Ammonical Nitrogen 3%,Phosphorus - 11%, Potassium - 8%, Zinc (in form of Zn EDTA) 0.7%, Boron - 0.5-0.7%, pH (1% solution) 7-8%.  

Mode of Use: Foliar

Major crops: Field crops, vegetable crops, pulse crops, oilseeds crop, fodder crops, fruit crops, spices crop, flower crops and medicinal crops.


1. High and well-balanced macro& micro nutrient supply matching the demand of crops during critical growth stages

2. Applications independent of the weather conditions due to plant-compatible additives

3. Super chelation reduces the water hardness of the spray solution

4. Fully EDTA chelated cationic micronutrients

5. Excellent coverage of leaves, good adhesiveness and regulates pH of the spray solution

6. Ensures excellent nutrient penetration

7. Compatible with most commonly used pesticides

8. Boost and retain flowering, reduce flower dropping

9. Helps in breaking dormancy (eg- mango )

10. If it used after harvest, then it helps to overcome alternate bearing


For field crops, vegetable crops, pulse crops, oilseeds crop, and fodder crops @ 500 - 750 ml/acre.

For fruit crops, spices crop and flower crops @ 5 - 7 ml/Ltr water.

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Readymoney Terrace167, Dr A B Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018
Address of origin: Readymoney Terrace167, Dr A B Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018