Sumitomo Sumi Blue Diamond Gibberellic Acid 0.1% GR Plant Growth Regulator, Complete Development Helps the Paddy Plant
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Proper development of paddy crop - Complete development of the plant is very important in the initial stage of paddy, complete development helps the paddy plants to increase the photosynthesis process.

The use of Sumi Blue Diamond increases the greenery in the paddy plant and increases the size of the plants and overall development of the plants.

Increase the number of tillers / more tillers - Sumi Blue Diamond increases the number of tillers in rice plants. 

Maximum tiller generation usually occurs after thirty to forty days of transplanting. In rice, the initial tillers emerge from the main tillers in an alternating pattern. 

Primary tillers arise from the lowest nodes and give rise to secondary tillers. 

The secondary tillers form the tertiary tillers.

Each tiller is an independent plant and the use of Sumi Blue Diamond the number of tillers, thereby increasing the number of earrings.

Increases the quality of paddy and the number of ears - Sumi Blue Diamond becomes active inside the paddy plants from the very beginning of use, which leads to the proper development of plants and an increase in the number of tillers.

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Address of origin:  Bldg No.1,GF,Shant Manor Co-op Housing Society Ltd, Chakravarti Ashok ‘X’ Road,Kandivli (E), Mumbai, 400101