Sumitomo Dipel Bacillus Thuringiensis Bio Pesticides Which Controls Heliothis.
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Globally, DiPel has become a cornerstone insecticide in many IPM programs as it offers high quality, cost-effective, broad-spectrum caterpillar control on more than 200 crops, including not only bananas, pineapples, oil palm, and sugar cane, but also vegetables, fruits, nuts, vines, cotton, and corn.

The active ingredient in DiPel consists of an optimized blend of four potent Bt protein toxins and a spore. Many other Bt strains lack the volume and balance of Bt toxin proteins that DiPel delivers. 

DiPel toxins have distinct modes of action, unlike chemical insecticides, providing a perfect tool for insect pest control programs that employ tank mix or rotation for insecticide resistance management. Always read and follow label directions.

Dipel is a biological insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis, which controls Heliothis, caterpillars, and DBM especially in cabbage, cauliflower, cotton, and in many other crops. 

Dipel is used as one of the best resistance breakers on all crops for insects.

Dosage: 250 ML Per Acre

Pickup Address: Sagar, MADHYA PRADESH, 470002
 Bldg No.1,GF,Shant Manor Co-op Housing Society Ltd, Chakravarti Ashok ‘X’ Road,Kandivli (E), Mumbai, 400101
Address of origin:  Bldg No.1,GF,Shant Manor Co-op Housing Society Ltd, Chakravarti Ashok ‘X’ Road,Kandivli (E), Mumbai, 400101