Sumitomo Celcron Prefenophos 50% EC, Used To Control Jassids, Aphids, Bollworms, And Mites In Cotton And Caterpillar In Vegetables
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Company / Manufacture Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd.
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Technical Name : Prefenophos 50% EC

Celcron Is A Broad-Spectrum Insecticide That Controls Lepidoptera And Sucking Insects Especially Thrips, Mites, And Mealybug.

Mode Of Action:

1. Profenophos Belongs To The Organophosphate Family Of Insecticides And Works By Potent Inhibition Of The Enzyme Acetylcholinesterase, Which Is Essential For The Transmission Of Impulses Between Nerve Cells.
2. After Feeding On A Profenophos Treated Plant Or Crawling Over A Treated Leaf, The Pest Is First Paralyzed And Then Quickly Dies.

1. It Provides Unique Translaminar And Contacts Action To Control Insects That Generally Hide Under The Lower Surface Of The Leaf.
2. Being Broad Spectrum It Controls All Sucking Pests And Foliar Feeding Larvae.
3. It Exhibits Ovicidal Cum Adulticidal Actions.
4. It Exhibits Contact And Stomach Action.
5. It Has A Fast Knock-Down Action With Long-Lasting Residual Activity.
6. It Is A Cost-Effective Solution For The Control Of Thrips, Sucking Pests And Lepidopteron Pests.

Recommended Crops - Cotton, Soybean

Method Of Application - Spraying
Dosage - 2 Ml Per Litter And 400 Ml Per Acre

Pickup Address: Bhalki, KARNATAKA, 585328
 Bldg No.1,GF,Shant Manor Co-op Housing Society Ltd, Chakravarti Ashok ‘X’ Road,Kandivli (E), Mumbai, 400101
Address of origin:  Bldg No.1,GF,Shant Manor Co-op Housing Society Ltd, Chakravarti Ashok ‘X’ Road,Kandivli (E), Mumbai, 400101