Greatindos Premium Quality Manual Siphon Pump For Worry Free Liquid Transfer
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This is a High-Quality Greatindos branded Siphon Pump for worry-free liquid transfer from one container to another container. It is quite useful while transfer liquid stored in one big container to another one which is a small container. There is no loss of liquid and no spillage. It works on simple gravitational and Pressure principles and it involves no battery operation, so it is long-lasting if maintained properly.

How to Operate:

1.Insert suction pipe (non-flexible) into the sending container 2.Insert discharge hose (flexible) into the receiving container or fuel tank (kerosene heater).

2.Tighten the air vent cap by turning clockwise to close the vent.

3.Squeeze operation bulb a few times to start siphon action. Automatics siphon action will continue as long as the fluid level in sending container is higher than the level in the container that fluid is being transferred into.

4.Before receiving the container is completely full, stop the fluid flow by turning the air vent cap counterclockwise. Gently lift the discharge hose slightly to allow any remaining fuel to drain.

5.Remove the suction pipe from sending container. Insert discharge hose end into hose clamp to prevent fluid from dripping.

6.Clean up any spilled fluids and dispose of cleaning materials outside the living area.

7.Store siphon pump outdoors.

Package Includes:

 Siphon Pump

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