Shiv Kailash Root Revive Max Powerful Mycorrhizal Biofertilizer, Designed To Enhance Plant Growth And Health.
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Product name: RootRevive Max


RootRevive Max is a powerful mycorrhizal biofertilizer designed to enhance plant growth and health. This innovative product offers several benefits for gardeners, farmers, and agriculture


1. Root Health : RootRevive Max establishes symbiotic relationships between plants and
mycorrhizal fungi, leading to healthier and more extensive root systems. This, in turn, improves nutrient and water absorption.

2. Nutrient Uptake: The mycorrhizal fungi in GreenRoots Elite help plants access and absorb essential nutrients, including phosphorus and micronutrients, from the soil, promoting balanced nutrition.

3. Stress Resistance: RootRevive Max increases a plant's resistance to environmental
stressors, such as drought, salinity, and soil-borne diseases, damping-off, root rot and vascular wilt,white bugs,Termite,fungus resulting in more resilient crops.

4. Improved Yields: Regular use of RootRevive Max can lead to increased crop yields, better fruiting, and overall healthier plants.

5. Sustainable Agriculture: RootRevive Max reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers
and chemicals, contributing to sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practice.

6. RootRevive Max Mycorrhizae is widely used in all plants and is a Completely Eco-friendly

7. Harmless biofertilizer and 100% Organic Solution.

More details:

It is a cost-effective bio fertilizer Best for Domestic Purposes like home gardens Kitchen

Terrace Garden, Nursery & Agriculture Practices like Horticulture, Vegetables.
♦ Increases yield by 15-20%
♦ Improve plant root growth and development.
♦ Increase the uptake and mobilization of phosphate in all crops.
♦ Effective in overcoming stress conditions like drought, disease incidence, and deficiency of nutrients.
♦ VAM supplements root hair in water absorption hence preventing reduction in crop relative water content of cells and helps to overcome drought.

Dosage: Seed Treatment – 8 ml per Kg seed. Soil application: 1-1.5 Liter Mycorrhiza per Acre For Drip

Irrigation: 1.5 – 2 Litre.

Cultivate Thriving Gardens with Mycorrhizal Magic.

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Address of origin: Vpo majri Guhla Cheeka, District Kaithal, Haryana 136035