Seminis Hybrid Abhilash Tomato Seeds, Attractive Red Colour, Good and Firm Shelf Life, Flat Round Fruit Type
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Plant Type: Strong

Fruit Colour: Attractive Red

Average Fruit Weight: 80-85 gm

Fruit Type: Flat Round

Firmness & Shelf life: Good

Days to First Harvest: 65-70 days

USP: Fruit size uniformity over the picking;

Tips for Growing Tomato

Soil: A well-drained loamy soil is ideal.

Sowing time: As per the regional practices and timings.

Optimum temp.for germination : 25 - 30C

Transplanting : 25-30 days after sowing.

Spacing : Row to Row: 90 cm, Plant to Plant : 45 - 60 cm

Seed rate : 50 - 60 gm / acre

Preparation of Main field: Deep plowing and harrowing. Add well decomposed
FYM: 8-10 tones / acre. Make the ridges and furrows at the required spacing.
Irrigate the field and make the holes at the recommended spacing. Transplanting
should be done during the late afternoon, after transplanting light irrigation should be
given for quick and better establishment.

Chemical Fertilizer: Fertilizer requirement depends on the soil fertility

First dose 6 - 8 days after transplanting: 50:100:100 NPK kg / acre
Second dose 20 - 25 days after first application: 25: 50 : 50 NPK kg / acre
Third dose 20 - 25 days after second application: 25: 00:00 NPK kg / acre
At the time of Flowering: Sulphur (Bensulf) 10 kg/acre
At the time of Fruit Setting: Boracol ( BSF-12) 50 kg / acre
Spray Calcium nitrate (1%solution) at the time of flowering (To increase fruit set).
Spray Urea & Soluble K (1% solution each) at 15 days interval during harvesting time
(To increase no. of pickings.)

Pickup Address: Sagar, MADHYA PRADESH, 470002
GUT NO 24PAITHAN RD CHITEGAON AURANGABAD Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431102
Address of origin: GUT NO 24PAITHAN RD CHITEGAON AURANGABAD Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431102