Rukcho Royal Fidelity Bio Fungicide, Biological Control of all Mildew And Used For Foliar Application
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Company / Manufacture Rukcho biotech
Country of origin: India




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Trichoderma harzianum: When applied in early stages , assures control over wilt diseases. Used for foliar application , seed & soil treatment for supression of fungal pathogen causing various fungal diseases viz Rhizoctonia blight, Pythyium root rot / damping off , Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, Cephalosporium Sp., Melodogyne Sp Root Knot Nematode. Also gives Bio-Pesticide and bio-stimulant effects in plants.

Bacillus subtilis: Prevents spore formation of Powdery/ Downy Mildew diseases. Also effective against plant pathogenic microbes viz Botrytis Bunch Rot/ Gray Mould, Sclerotinia Stem rot/ Early Blight, Aspergillus Fruit rot, Double rot, Seedling rot, Root Rot, Erwinia Soft rot/Necrosis/ Late Blight, Colletotrichum Anthracnose. Increases formation of Auxins (IAA, IBA ), Antioxidants, and Root nodulation.

Pseudomonas fluorescens: Prevents spore formation of plant pathogenic fungi which causes Wilt, Root Rot, Soft Rot, Leaf Spot, and All Blights. Very effective against Rice Blast and rice sheath Blight. It produces antibiotics, nutrient competition, parasitic cell wall degradation, enzymes & induced plant-resistant mechanisms. Helps in the uptake of nutrition. Due to its strong oxidising power acts as a plant growth regulator

Concentration: 1 x 10 ^7 CFU/ Gram (min)

Dosage: 250 gms-500 gms / Acre for Soil Foliar application 10 gram/kg of seed for seed Treatment, 100 gram / 10-15 potting soil,100 gram / 10 liters for root dipping

Recommended Crops: Suitable for all crops

Compatibility: Compatible with all Organics Viz Farm yard Manure (FYM), Vermi Compost, all Oil Cakes & All Bio-Microbial products

Note: Avoid usage of any Pesticides (Especially Fungicides & Bactericides) 7-10 days prior or after the Application of Bio-Fungicide

Pickup Address: Madurai, TAMIL NADU, 625001
MOTTA GOPURAM, FIRST FLOOR, NEW 88-1 , OLD 110,Manivasagar Library, North Avani Moola Street, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001
Address of origin: MOTTA GOPURAM, FIRST FLOOR, NEW 88-1 , OLD 110,Manivasagar Library, North Avani Moola Street, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001