ACTIVE IPM Palm Trap + Rhinocerous Beetle Pheromone Lure (Combo Pack of 4 Sets) Pest Control Tool for Rhinoceros oryctus In Stock

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  • You can see the insects trapped right in front of your eyes. Designed for optimum performance leading to Complete Customer Delight.
  • Absolutely zero chemical residues. Manufactured in ISO 9001-2015 certified state-of-the-art facilities under the most stringent hygiene and safety conditions.
  • Palm trap when used in combination with Rhynoceros Oryctes (Rhinoceros Beetle) Pheromone lure in Cultivation of many crops such as Coconut, Arecanut, Date palm & Oil palm etc. 
  • Reduces intensity of pest incidence and crop damage, thereby improving yield / output quality.
  • Rhinoceros Beetle attracted by the pheromone lure hung under the cap inside the trap which are either tied to the trees at a height of about 1.5 meters or placed inside small pits dug in the soil, up to a level just below the perimeter holes.
  • They enter the trap through these holes, fall into the water placed in the trap (can be mixed with a small amount of pesticide or food baits such as jaggery) and get killed.
  • Recommended trap density is 2 to 4 traps for home & kitchen garden, 40-50 traps per hectare for mass trapping and 8-10 traps per hectare for monitoring. The traps last for multiple seasons in the field