Silver Crop Silver Zyme Gold With Sea Weed Extract Formulation, Organic Fertilizer
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Silver zyme gold is an organic manure derived biologically from seagrass. Silver Zyme Gold contains essential elements for healthy plant growth. Cytokinin, Hydrolysed protein complexes, Enzymes, Gibrelin, Amino-acids, and many other minerals enhance crop yields as well as its quantity.


Silver Zyme Gold is used as a foliar spray on plant leaves. It is absorbed by the translocation/transportation system of the plant through leaves. Silver Zyme Gold contains hydrolyzed protein complexes and enzymes in active forms, which after absorption in plants act as follows: Hydrolysed Proteins Complexes: These are essential constituents of the structure of proteins of living systems. They play an important and immense role in the development of plant cells. Enzymes: These are bio-catalyst that catalyze and increase (start and increase) biochemical reactions in the living cells, as a result of which the plant photosynthesis process is increased. Enzymes convert complex protein, fat, and sugar particles into simple particles, which are easily absorbed by the plant cells.

DOSAGE- 250 – 350 ml per acre


Increases the growth and development of healthy roots of plants which absorb essential nutrients and moisture from the soil and make the plants strong.

Increases the plant's photosynthetic activity.

Increases the strength of plants to face adverse weather conditions.

Develops resistance against pests and diseases.

Completely safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

Increases the quality and yield of crops.

Increases profits at the low cost of investment.

Pickup Address: New Delhi, DELHI, 110007
PATEL IND. AREA,PLOT NO.9, B/H.NATRAJ PIPE, Gondal Chowkdi, Rajkot, Gujarat 360004
Address of origin: PATEL IND. AREA,PLOT NO.9, B/H.NATRAJ PIPE, Gondal Chowkdi, Rajkot, Gujarat 360004