Dr. Bacto's 5G PSB Biocapsules Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria enclosed in biodegradable capsules which having ability to solubilize phosphate. In Stock

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Dr. Bacto’s 5G PSB Bio capsules Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (CFU Minimum - 5 × 107 cells per gram)

Product Composition: This product contains phosphate solubilizing bacteria enclosed in biodegradable capsules which have the ability to solubilize phosphate.

Total Viable Count - Minimum 5 × 107 CFU per gram of capsule content.

Content: This packet contains two strips (each containing 5 capsules). One is having given biofertilizer bacteria and the other is a food kit (rich in nitrogen, carbon, vitamins, pH reducer, spreader, etc.) required for better growth of these bacteria.

Product Description: Dr. Bacto’s 5G PSB capsules are the ecofriendly biocapsules containing phosphate solubilizing
bacteria that solubilize insoluble phosphate present in the soil and makes it available to the plants/crops.

This product is developed by using the latest dextrose-based technology which produces water-soluble agri-probiotic formulations enclosed in biodegradable gelatin capsules. Dr. Bacto’s 5G PSB biocapsules has features like good stability, good solubility, and good to carry and storage.