Complete Virus Control Kit, Control Viral Infection, Useful For All Vegetables (Set of Viroeseal 250ml + Proban 250ml + Nutriup 250ml + Maxgrow 250ml) In Stock

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Anti-Virus kit is a 100% organic kit that controls viral infections in chili, tomato, papaya, cucumber, gourds, etc effectively. It fights infection on 4 levels - control infection, fight sucking pests, give nutrition, promote growth. Kit contains 250 ml x 4 bottles. (1 bottle per product)

One kit is enough for 1 acre and 1-time spray. For effective control minimum of 2 sprays are recommended.

Kit constituents:

a) Viroeseal - controls viral infection. Prevents the spread of viral particles to other health plants/plant parts. Dosage: 4ml/Ltr - foliar spray.

b) Proban - controls sucking pests that attack crops in this diseased state. Plants become fleshy in a viral disease state becoming susceptible to sucking pest attack. Dosage: 3 ml/Ltr. - foliar spray

c) Nutriup - mobilizes soil nutrients and makes them available to crops naturally thus improving the plant's immune system. Dosage: 3 ml/Ltr. by drenching

d) Maxgrow - promotes growth and maintains productivity. Dosage: 3 ml/Ltr - foliar spray.