NFL Kisan Sulphur Bentonite 90% Fertilizer, Increases Oil Content In Oil seeds
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Company / Manufacture National Fertilizer Limited
Country of origin: India




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This has FSR Technology, which enables faster release of Sulphur, delivering quick and long-lasting benefits, while increasing oil content in oilseeds and protein in pulses.


  • Maximum percentage (90%) of Sulphur in elemental form, with 10% Bentonite clay.

  • The wider spread of Sulphur particles in soil ensures that the root zone gets Sulphur and results in better uptake.

  • Faster soil pH correction improves the availability of other nutrients to the crop from an early stage.

  • The release rate of Sulphate (SO2) in soil by Sulphamax matched the requirement of crop.


  • Facilitates faster oxidation and faster availability of Sulphur to the crop.

  • Fulfils the Sulphur requirement of the crop right from its initial stage.

  • Improves chlorophyll content.

  • Increases oil content in oilseeds and protein in pulses & other crops.

  • Helps in developing pest, disease and moisture stress resistance.

  • Improves quantity and quality of yield.

Dosage and Application:- 

10 Kg during land preparation and first fertilizer application. Dosage may vary based on crop type.

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