FFN-302-2T Portable Mosquito Repellent, Coverage Area 10 SqFt., Easy To Install And Easy.
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FFN-302-2T is a strapon Mosquito repellent with a coverage area of 10 sq. Ft. It a great solution to attach to a stroller or a camping tent and is extremely portable to carry around with you. The repellent is made purely out of plant extract with mosquito repellent qualities making it extremely safe around the child and pregnant women

- Mosquito Repellent solution made out of Plant Extract with no harmful effect for Children, Pregnant Women, Elderly
- Portable 1500mAh battery-operated Repellent with Strap to attach to Stroller, Outdoor Furniture, Camping Tent, etc
- Repels mosquitos and another insect in the range of 10 Sq. feet by smell generated by essential oils from Plant extract.
- Centrifugal Fan inbuild to spread Repellent in the surrounding area to protect from mosquitos
- Single-button Switch to power On / Off the device as per usage.


Coverage Area: Up to 10 Sq. Ft.

Brand: Moskitrap

Type: Repellent

Protection Against: Mosquitos, Flies, Moth

Guaranteed Results: Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant, Small retail store, Lawn & Garden, Children Play Area, Terrace, Outdoor Kitchen, Pool, Farmhouse, Public Places

Safety Precaution

Forbidden Points
1. Please avoid direct sunlight when using or storing the machine.
2. Keep the product away from the fire.
3. It is forbidden for allergic people. If there is any adverse reaction during use, please stop using immediately.
4. Do not disassemble the original body at will.
5. Do not use in case of fault or damage.
6. Do not spray other types of insecticides on this product.

1. If the connecting wire or fan is damaged, in order to avoid risks, it must be handed over to professional
personnel for repair or change.
2. Care should be taken of children to ensure that they do not play with the product.
3. Operate the product according to the instruction. To ensure the normal operation of the product, please use.
the spare parts provided by the manufacturer.
4. When the product is working, please avoid water or wipe the product directly with a wet towel.
5. Please prevent blocking anything into the product’s exhaust inlet or exhaust outlet.

Pickup Address: AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, 380015
G-1010 Titanium City Centre 100 Ft, Main Road, Anand Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015
Address of origin: G-1010 Titanium City Centre 100 Ft, Main Road, Anand Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015