Multiplex Jivras Humic Acid 12% Bio Stimulant, Increase Seed Germination And Viability, Increase Water Holding Capacity of Soil
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Company / Manufacture Multiplex Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd.
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Technical Content: Humic acid 12 %

Benefits: Multiplex Jivras can be mixed with insecticides/ fungicides. It reduces soil erosion and increases the water-holding capacity of soil, thus enhancing the drought resistance of crops. It reduces the requirement of inorganic fertilizers in the root zone and releases nutrients to plants when needed. It also increases seed germination and viability, when the seeds are treated. When Jivras in combination with Zinc increases the size of fruits.

Crops: All crops


Soil Application: Apply 1.5 litre per acre through irrigation.

Urea Treatment: Apply 500-1000ml to 100 kg urea. The Urea will turn brown in color. After 2 hrs of treatment urea can be applied to the soil.

Foliar Application: Dissolve 3.0 ml in a liter of water and spray on both sides of the leaves.

For seed Treatment: Dissolve 100 ml in one liter of water. Treat the seeds in this solution for one hour before sowing.

Pickup Address: Bathinda, PUNJAB, 151103
No. 180, 1st Main Road, Mahalakshmi Layout Extension, Bengaluru 560086
Address of origin: No. 180, 1st Main Road, Mahalakshmi Layout Extension, Bengaluru 560086