Multiplex Baba Beauveria Bassiana 1.15% WP, Control Insects in Organic Farming.
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Technical Content:

Beauveria Bassiana (Min. 1x108 Cfu /Ml for Liquid Based & Min. 1x108 Cfu /Gm for Carrier Based)


Compatible with A Number of Adjuvants and Biological Pesticide but Advisable to Mix Only Compatible Adjuvants to Minimize the Detrimental Effect On Baba.

A Good Bio-Insecticide to Control Insects in Organic Farming.

Mode of Action:

  • Beauveria Bassiana On Contact of the Insect Body, The Infective Spores Start Germinating and Then the Germ Tube Penetrate Directly into The Body of Host Insects.
  • After Entering into Insect Body Fluid Fungus Proliferates Profusely Throughout the Insect Body and Producing Toxins and Metabolites Which Stops Feeding of the Insect and Slowly Paralyze and Then Kills the Host Insect.
  • The Whole Process Takes About 4 To 5 Days.
  • Once The Insect Gets Killed, The Body Become Very Hard and Afterwards Fungus Grows Through the Softer Part of the Cuticle with A Thin Layer of White Mold, Known as White Muscardine Disease.

Target Crops:

  • Cereals, Pulses, Turmeric, Tea, Coffee, Mustard, Tobacco, Banana, And Vegetables

Dosage & Methods of Application:

  • 3 to 5 kg Per Acre
  • Foliar Spray: Mix 5 Gm Per Litre of Water and Spray Uniformly Using Any Conventional Sprayer. Spray Twice at 15-day intervals on the Appearance of Pest Infestation On Crops.


  • Maintain High Humidity Around the Crop Canopy After Spraying Baba by Making Pre-Treatment Irrigation.
  • Baba Is Not Compatible with Any Insecticide.
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