Mirabelle Borolime Fertilizer, Mineral Calcium Borate, Suitable For All Crops During All Stages Of Plant Growth
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It is a brown granular fertilizer obtained during mining.

The nutrients present in it are essential for plant growth, photosynthesis, sugar transport, and cell wall formation.

It is suitable for all crops during all stages of plant growth, providing nutrients such as sulphur, boron and potassium throughout the growing season.

Active Ingredients:

Dosage Rate :
Borolime can be used at the rate of 10 kg/acre at the time of sowing and 5-10 kg per acre after 21 days of transplantation

Benefits of the product:

- Borolime is also commonly used with other fertilizers and agrochemicals.
- It contains active elements like boron, calcium, sulphur, potassium and magnesium which helps in the overall development of the plant.
- Completes the deficiency of sulfur in crops and increases crop production by about 10-15 percent.
- Helpful in full development of grains and tubers of crops.

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Address of origin: Survey No. 2170, Part B, At & Post Rajpur, TAL: Kadi, DIST: Mehsana, Gujarat 382740