Krishi Rasayan Kriman Manganese 30.5% + Sulphure 17% Fertilizer, Enhances Photosynthetic Efficiency
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Company / Manufacture KRISHI RASAYAN
Country of origin: India




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Technical: Manganese 30.5% + Sulphure 17%

manganese sulphate 30.5% plays an essential role in photosynthesis and, when available in adequate amounts, can enhance stress tolerance. It is an activator for over 35 different enzymes and increases lignin biosynthesis which can reduce attacks from soil-borne pathogens, commonly used in deficient soils with a pH. Level of 6.5 and above.


It is used for improved resistance and enzyme activation.

Enhances photosynthetic efficiency and dry matter production.

Catalyzes the growth of crops to increase production & result in significantly higher crop yield.

It improves the overall vigor of the plants.

It is a critical component to the health of any plant. It is actually the element (or, actually, the lack thereof) that makes some herbicides effective.

Provide resistance to biotic stress by increasing plant resistance to various diseases and reducing the need for fungicides.

Crops - all cereals, pulses-oil seed crops, and horticultural crops. 
Mode of application - foliar spray
Dosage - 1 kg  per acre

Pickup Address: sardulgarh, PUNJAB, 151507
29, Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani (Elgin Road),Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
Address of origin: 29, Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani (Elgin Road),Kolkata, West Bengal 700020