Katyayani BPH SUPER Pymetrozine 50% WG Systemic Insecticide For Control Rice Plant Hopper Paddy Brown Plant Hopper & All Stages of Aphids, Whiteflies
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Company / Manufacture Katyayani Organics
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  • About BPH SUPER Pymetrozine 50 %
    Katyayani BPH SUPER is an advanced pesticide designed for immediate and effective control of BPH (Brown Plant Hopper), Aphids, and Whiteflies. Formulated with Pymetrozine 50% WG, this state-of-the-art pesticide ensures rapid action and visible results within 15 minutes of application. It is highly effective in halting insect feeding, thereby preventing damage to crops.
    BPH SUPER Pymetrozine 50 % Chemical Composition
    Katyayani BPH SUPER is formulated with Pymetrozine 50% WG, a cutting-edge pesticide renowned for its rapid and potent control of BPH (Brown Plant Hopper), Aphids, and Whiteflies.
    How to use BPH SUPER Pymetrozine 50 %
    For domestic use, simply mix 1 - 1.5 grams of Katyayani BPH SUPER with 1 liter of water. 
    For larger agricultural areas, apply 120-150 grams per acre using foliar spray. Detailed application instructions are provided for user convenience.
    BPH SUPER Pymetrozine 50 % Benefits
    Crop Safety: Ensures excellent crop tolerance, safeguarding commercial value by preventing pests' egg-laying and subsequent generations.
    Immediate Impact: Visible results in just 15 minutes, with insects ceasing feeding within an hour, leading to their starvation.
    Resistance Management: Provides effective control against resistant plant hoppers, ensuring crop protection.
    Environmental Safety: Eco-friendly formulation minimizes ecological impact, promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
    BPH SUPER Pymetrozine 50 % Advantages
    Systemic and Translaminar Action: Paralyzes hoppers, halts egg-laying, and disrupts insect feeding behavior, ensuring prolonged control against pests.
    Effective Targeting: Rapid translocation ensures efficient pest targeting, including resistant strains.
    Rainfastness: Superior penetration guarantees effectiveness even in rainy conditions, maintaining crop protection.
    Disruption of Insect Behavior: Interferes with insect feeding behavior, leading to permanent inhibition of feeding on treated plant hosts.


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