Katyayani Bloom Booster Homobrassinolide 0.04% Plant Growth Regulator, Use for Cotton, Brinjal, Chili, Banana, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Vegetables, Fruit
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Company / Manufacture Katyayani Organics
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Technical Name: Homobrassinolide 0.04%

Katyayani Homobrassinolide 0.04% W/W Contains a New Generation Plant Growth Promoter Called ‘Homobrassinolide’ As an Active Ingredient, Which Is a Natural Substance with Profound Plant Growth Promoting Activity.

The Natural Plant Growth Substance Present in Katyayani Homobrassinolide 0.04% W/W Improves the Physiological and Biochemical Processes Involved in Crop Growth and Development.

Katyayani Homobrassinolide 0.04% W/W Enhances Crop Growth and Development: Promoting Cell Division and Cell Elongation, Promoting Seed Germination and Increasing Early Vigour of Seedlings, Increasing Metabolic Activity, Increasing The Levels Sugars, Imparting Stress Resistance Under Adverse Environmental Conditions, Inducing Flowering, And Increasing Fruit Set and Fruit Growth, Increasing Quality of Produce.


For Domestic Use Take 2 Ml of Homobrassinolide 0.04% W/W Per 1 Litre of Water. For Large Applications 200 Ml Per Acre Foliar Spray. Detailed Instruction to Use Is Given with The Product. Apply The Insecticides When the Incidence of Larvae Is First Observed and Repeat Applications as Necessary

Homobrassinolide Have Emerged as Pleiotropic Phytohormone Owing to Their Wide Function in Crop Growth and Metabolism. Homobrassinolide Is Known to Improve the Growth, Yield and Quality Parameters in Many Crop Plants.It Has the Ability to Improve the Quantity and Quality of Horticultural Crops and Protect Plants Against Many Stresses That Can Be Present in The Local Environment. Increase in The Success of Fertilisation. Shortens The Period of Vegetative Growth. Increases The Size and Quantity of Fruits. Improves Fruit’s Quality and Nutritive Components. Resistance to Stress and Diseases.


Promotes Pollen Germination


Fruit Set and Yield

Increases Flowering.

Recommended Crops: Cotton, Brinjal, Chili, Banana, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Tomato, Grapes, Bhindi, And All Types of Vegetables, Fruits, And Flowers Plants.

Recommended Dose:

For Garden Use –  2 Ml / Litre

For Agriculture Use – 100 Ml / Acre

Pickup Address: Bhopal, MADHYA PRADESH, 462016
E-7 MIG 539 Arera Colony, Bopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016
Address of origin: E-7 MIG 539 Arera Colony, Bopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016