JU Potash 2000 Water Soluble Fertilizer, Which Is Derived From Rhodophytes Containing 20% of Organic Potash
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Company / Manufacture JU AGRI SCIENCE PVT LTD
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Technical Name: Potash derived from Rhodophytes

Mode of Action: Multiple physiological pathways


JU Potash-2000 is a revolutionary organic Potassic fertilizer which is derived from rhodophytes containing 20% of organic potash, comes in a unique readily bio-available formulation. It is recommended to be used in all agricultural crops as foliar application to improve bio-mass, produce quality and yield. 

Features & Benefits :

  • JU-Potash 2000 contains Potash as a primary ingredient which is an essential crop nutrient

  • JU-Potash 2000 is completely organic in nature, suitable for use in organic agriculture, and completely safe for crop

  • JU-Potash 2000 is a cost-effective alternative of chemical potassic fertilizers

  • JU-Potash 2000 improves qualitative aspects of produce as color, size, shape, shelf life etc.

  • JU-Potash 2000 reduces lodging and increases resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses

  • JU-Potash 2000 improves nutrient use efficiency, eventually increases yield

Usage & Application rates :

  • JU-Potash 2000 is recommended in all agricultural crops @180 g per acre as foliar application in 120 L of Water

  • JU-Potash 2000 is recommended to be used at critical crop growth stages like tillering/branching, panicle initiation/flowering, and grain filling/fruit formation.

  • At least 2 applications are recommended in the interval of 15 days.

  • JU-Potash 2000 is compatible with all crop care products other than copper-based fungicides.

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Address of origin: Unit No.2302, Tower 2, Express Trade Tower II B 36, Sector 132, Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar Uttar Pradesh 201301