IPL Daman Beauveria Bassiana Bio Insecticide, Effective Control of Root Borer, Caterpillars & Sucking Pests
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Technical Name: Beauveria Bassiana 1.0% W.P.

Daman Is a Natural Bio-Insecticide in A Wettable Powder Formulation Containing Entomopathogenic Fungi. It Effectively Controls Insect Pests Like Root Borer, Caterpillars, And Sucking Pests.

Purpose: Effective Control of Root Borer, Caterpillars & Sucking Pests

Type: Bio-Insecticides 


Highly Effective On Lepidopterous Caterpillars, Including Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, Borers, Bollworm and Hairy Caterpillars Etc.

Mode of Action:

Beauveria Bassiana Conidia Present in Daman Produce Enzymes That Penetrate the Skin of the Insect. Once It Grows Inside the Insect, It Releases Toxins Called Beauvericin and Oosporin That Weaken the Host’s Immune System. Eventually, The Entire Insect Body Cavity Is Filled with Fungal Mass. Insects, Before Death Exhibit Various Symptoms, Including Restlessness, Cessation of Feeding and Loss of Coordination

Method of Application:

Soil Application: Mix 2 Kg of Daman Wp in 200 Kg Of Well Decomposed Fym/Compost/Field Soil And Broadcast On 1 Acre Of Land At The Time Of Field Preparation Or In A Standing Crop.


Cib Labels-Okra

Recommended Crops-All Crops


Foliar Application - Mix 5 Gm Per Litre of Water

Soil Application - 2 Kg / Acre

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