Rajshree Bio Humiplus P Organic Water Soluble. Mainly used for Nourishment of soil and improvement of plant growth.
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Company / Manufacture Rajshree Biosolutions LLP
Country of origin: India




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Humiplsu P Humic Powder Formulation
Humate is formed by the biological and chemical breakdown of animal and plant origin over a few million years. Think of humate as a thousand-year-old compost. Humi Plus is an organic water-soluble product and contains potassium humate and fulvic acid. Humic acid & fulvic acid are popular in organic farming. Humi Plus is mainly used for Nourishment of soil and improvement of plant growth.

HumiPLUS P powder is an organic water-soluble product containing potassium humate 75% and fulvic acid 15%. It comprises compounds and materials required for plant growth. This product is suitable for all crops.

Active Ingredients :

Granules : Humic acid 5%, Fulvic acid 4%, Nitrogen 3% & Potassium 10% Powder : Humic acid 75%, Fulvic acid 15%


  • Acts as soil conditioner and improves soil structure.
  • Improves water holding capacity of the sandy soil and avoids leaching of vital plant nutrients.
  • Develops larger and stronger root systems.
  • Promotes development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids in plant. Increases yield and quality.


Liquid : 3-5 litres / acre ; Apply 3-5times 1 litre/application

Granules : 5 kg/acre; Mix Humiplus G with topsoil and broadcast.

Powder : 250-500g/acre; Mix Humiplus with required quantity of water and spray / drench the soil. Repeat application after 30 days. 

Address of origin: Rajshree Biosolutions LLP, Varadaraj Nagar, Periyakulam Taluka, Theni, TAMIL NADU, 625562

Satisfied Customer Reviews

4 Satisfied Ratings
10th March,2022

I'm noticing gradual improvement. Thanks & I recommend it.

Ravi Bansal
19th February,2022

The first time tried it, the results are amazing. I recommend this product.

Ravi Kumar
14th February,2022

Very good improvement in yield!

1st October,2021

I have use this product for root growth get good result

Hitesh patel