Green Era Neem Oil Organic Pest Control, Pest Repellent for Plants Ready To Use
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Company / Manufacture Kay Bee Bio Organics
Country of origin: India


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Neem A Oil is a spray for plants, used as a foliar spray or leaf shine, and is especially beneficial to indoor or outdoor plants. Neem A Oil is effective against a variety of fungal diseases and infections, including powdery mildew, black spot, rust, sooty mold, scab, anthracnose, and leaf spot. Neem A Oil does not harm certain beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and predatory mites, and it has no adverse effect on honey bees or other pollinators. Since Neem A Oil can kill pests at all stages of their life cycles, Its usage becomes effective throughout the entire growing season including eggs, larvae (grubs), pupae, and adults.

The Benefits of Neem A Oil

  • Neem A Oil is environmentally friendly and is a natural pest repellent.

  • Effective on all types of pests and diseases that commonly occur on Indoor & outdoor plants.

  • Additionally, it promotes plant growth by improving plant health.

  • A highly effective broad-spectrum insecticide against leaf-eating and sucking pests.

Direction for Use

  • Shake well before spray.

  • Unlock the nozzle and spray uniformly on plant leaves.

  • Spray directly on the plant, no need to dilute further.

  • For best results, spray twice a week.

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