Gharda Chemical Mahaveer SC Fipronil 5% SC Insecticide, Controlling Lepidopteran Pests in Major Crops
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About Product:
Mahaveer SC insecticide is a new class chemical with contact and ingestion action insecticide. Mahaveer SC has a unique action in controlling Lepidopteran pests in major crops.

Composition: Fipronil 5% SC

Target pests:  Green Leaf Hopper,  Gall midge Whorl Maggot, Stem Borer, Leaf Folder, Brown Plant Hopper, White Backed Plant Hopper, Aphid, Jassid, Thrips, White Fly, Boll Worms,  Diamond-back Moth, Early Shoot Borer, and Root Borer, etc.

  • Mahaveer SC Fipronil 5% SC is a new class chemical called Phenyl pyrazole group

  • Mahaveer SC insecticide has a unique action against pests that are resistant to commercial insecticides.

  • Fipronil 5% SC acts as contact and ingestion and is recommended as a foliar application for better results.

  • Gharda Mahaveer SC pesticide is highly recommended for sucking pests in economically important crops.

  • Mahaveer SC Fipronil 5% SC insecticide is a target-specific that only targets insects. When it is applied, it acts through the ingestion of pests. It interferes with the GABA chloride channel, thereby disrupting the central nervous system resulting in cessation, and when a sufficient dose is applied, it will kill the insect.

  • Gharda Mahaveer SC insecticide offers excellent control when sprayed in low doses to be an ideal choice for the IPM program.

  • Mahaveer 5% SC is especially recommended as thripicide (It shows better control in thrips).

  • Mahaveer SC Fipronil 5% SC insecticide shows more root growth, more tillers, greener, early flowering, even maturity, and significant yield rise in Sugarcane, Rice, and Corn crops.

  • It is compatible with commercial pesticides, fungicides/bactericides/viricides, and PGR’s.

  • Mahaveer is also available in granulated form as Mahaveer G (Fipronil). It also offers the same protection as Mahaveer SC.

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