GARDECO 450 GSM UV Treated, HDPE Fabric Green Azolla Growing Bed, Cultivation Bed
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Company / Manufacture AMAN AGENCIES
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GARDECO hdpe Azolla Bed is made from 100% virgin quality raw material

it is UV stabilized, 100% waterproof with long life durable and easy to install and can be used many times in same period.

Advantages of Azolla Bed:

1. It easily grows in wild and can grow under controlled condition also.

2. It increase the milk production in cows, buffaloes, goats etc. and also helps to improve the health in chickens, hens, ducks etc

3. It also removes the mosquitoes nearby it grows, rice fields etc.

4. It can easily be produced in large quantity required as green manure in both the seasons

5. It can fix atmospheric CO2 and nitrogen to form carbohydrates and ammonia respectively

6. It solubilizes Zn, Fe and Mn and make them available to soil  Azolla cultivation


The farmer should select a shaded place for azolla bed installation, close to the house (to ensure regular upkeep and monitoring) and to a water source.

A standard size of azolla bed / azolla pond (10 × 4 × 1 feet ) can produce 2 kg/day of fresh azolla, enough to supplement 2 dairy cows. Azolla tank/ azolla tub / azolla bed should be installed on plain surface (avoid uneven surface)

To initiate azolla growth, azolla bed should be filled with water up to 6 inch height. sieved fertile soil mixed with cow dung and water (or biogas slurry) should be added as fertilizer. 

The pond should be inoculated with fresh azolla culture.

The crop is maintained by application of about 1 kg of cow dung and 80-100 grams of superphosphate every 2 weeks.

The first crop should be ready in 15-20 days and can then be harvested daily.

The pond needs to be emptied once in six months. And should be refilled with fresh water and azolla culture.

Azolla produced in excess should be dried in the shade for later use. these azolla flakes can be used as feed for livestock, poultry, fish, goat

Pickup Address: SARDULGARH, PUNJAB, 151507
Address of origin: MANSA SIRSA ROAD, NEAR MILK PLANT, SARDULGARH, SARDULGARH, mansa, Punjab 151507