FMC Talstar Bifenthrin 10% EC Insecticide, Control On Various Sucking And Chewing Pests
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Company / Manufacture FMC India Pvt Ltd
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  • Talstar Insecticide It is a broad spectrum insecticide with acaricidal properties, known for its quick knockdown properties and longer duration control on various sucking and chewing pests.
  • Due to its unique molecular structure when applied as foliar, Talstar works effectively even at higher temperature conditions by remaining stable.
  • When applied through soil, its unique soil binding properties gives it an edge over other brands for superior control of Termites.
  • Low volatility and low skin irritation properties of the product makes it a better choice for farmers seeking effective pest control.
  • Superior broad spectrum and residual control
  • Exhibits knock-down properties and therefore gives quicker pest control against various sucking and chewing pests
  • Stable at higher temperatures, less volatile and low skin irritation
  • Does not leach down into soil along with water and acts as an ideal termiticide by forming a uniform barrier with soil
  • Talstar 10% EC formulation of Bifenthrin is an innovative research based insecticide from FMC for powerful and immediate control of target pests in rice and cotton.
  • Talstar is an effective termiticide as well as insecticide controlling a wide range of insects like sucking and chewing insects in crops.


CropInsect/PestDosage per acreDose in 1-liter waterThe waiting period between the last spray in (days)
CottonBollworm, White Fly3201.6ml15
RiceLeaf folder, Green leaf hopper, Stem borer2001ml15


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