FMC Picxel Biostimulant 22% Organic Acid, Patented Reactive Carbon Technology Based Biostimulant
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Technical name:- Biostimulant 22%

Picxel bio solutions have 22% organic acids and are rich in organic matter. Picxel Bio Solutions is a Unique Soil Amendment Solution Imported from USA. It has very small fine particles of active ingredients which makes it easily soluble and absorption friendly. It is based on a metalloid called Leonardite, which is extracted from one of the most superior US mines. Soil is dynamic. Maintaining soil properties is essential. Our Soil Amendment Solution- Picxel Bio Solutions is a Patented Reactive Carbon technology-based Biostimulant that is loaded with high-quality carbohydrates.


Picxel AOA is recommended for soil application, seed treatment & foliar application in nursery, field crops, horticulture, ornamental and plantations.

Picxel AOA can be applied at 4-8Lit./Acre in soil Application & 1-2Lit./ Acre in Foliar application.
Picxel AOA is suitably designed for drip application also at 2-4 Lit/Acre.

Repeat application may provide more beneficial results.

Picxel AOA if blended with irrigation water should be used immediately and not stored for prolonged periods.

Picxel AOA is compatible with majority of agri inputs except Calcium based fertilizers. 

Please contact Local FMC representative for compatibility and crop specific dosages. 

Shake well before use.

Do not expose the product to direct sunlight or heat.

For agriculture use only.

Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed.

Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.


  • Picxel bio solutions help in enhancing water uptake capacity and water holding capacity of soil

  • It acts as food for microbes and helps in nutrient uptake and transportation towards the roots.

  • Picxel bio solutions enhance fertilizer use efficiency and improve physical, chemical & biological properties of the soil.

  • It buffers fertilizer & soil salts.

Crops:  Groundnut, Rice, Cumin, Potato, Grapes

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