FMC Lagan Crop Nutrition Paclobutrazole 23% SC, Helps In Better Flowering and Reduces Flower Drops
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  • 25% W/v Paclobutrazole 

  • Lagan crop nutrition acts as an Anti-Gibberellin formulation.

  • It helps overcome alternate bearing and irregular bearing in Mango Trees.

  • Lagan crop nutrition also helps control vegetative growth and enhances the reproductive growth of the tree.

  • Lagan crop nutrition should be applied in Mango trees that are more than 7 years of age and it's application is recommended as per the canopy size.

  • Lagan crop nutrition contains one of the highest concentrated formulations of Paclobutrazol. It contains very fine active ingredient particles which help in early effects in Mango Trees

  • Lagan crop nutrition gets absorbed well in soil and provides appropriate nutrition

  • It helps in better flowering and reduces flower drops

  • Lagan crop nutrition shows best results in trees that are well fertigated before Lagan crop nutrition application

The dosage of Lagan varies for different ages of Mango trees:

  1. 7 – 15 Year = 15 ml
  2. 16- 25 Year = 20 ml
  3. 25 Years = 25-40 ml

Direction of Use:

Recommended for mature mangoes only (at least 7 years old)

Paclobutrazol is much more effective when used with the Collar Drench method. With the recommended quantity of Paclobutrazol with 5 – 10 ltr of water per tree, apply this on soil or trunk crack line around the base of the trunk.

Time of Application: Applied after the harvest of fruits. Any time from July to Oct will be ideal.

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