FMC Gilardo (30ml) + Etre (500gm) Topramezone 336 gl Herbicide, Effectively Control Broad Leaf Narrow Leaf Weeds In Maize Crop
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With growing acreages of Maize year on year, controlling weeds is the toughest challenge for Indian farmers.

Gilardo herbicide provides broad-spectrum control with the help of which farmers can effectively control Broad leaf and narrow-leaf weeds in Maize crops.

  • Safe on Corn and tough on weeds
  • With the application of Gilardo herbicide, the competition for nutrients between the crop and weeds is lesser. This results in a better quality crop and yield
  • Less interference in weed management, which results in lesser need of labor
  • It has a very high crop safety profile- Safe for subsequent crops
  • Rain fastness is 2 hrs

Gilardo herbicide is a Pyrazolone, a unique subclass of the HPPD inhibiting herbicides.

It shows Broad spectrum action by foliar control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds.

It can be used with all current foliar-applied insecticides including organophosphate insecticides.

Gilardo herbicide acts very quickly on sensitive grass and broadleaf weeds. It has a unique mode of action which is taken up via the root and shoot and is translocated in the plant systemically to the target tissues- the shoot meristems.

As a result, oxidative degradation of chlorophyll occurs, leading to pronounced whitening or “bleaching” of sensitive weeds.

Gilardo herbicide is highly safe on all field and specialty corn regardless of trait; even sensitive varieties of popcorn, seed corn, and sweet corn.

Its wide window of application gives growers application flexibility as well.

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