FMC Corprima Insecticide Chlorantraniliprole 35% WDG , Important Lepidopteran Pests In Tomato & Okra Crops
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Corprima Insecticide powered by Rynaxypyr active is a new offering from FMC that delivers excellent protection from economically important lepidopteran pests in Tomato & Okra crops.

This unique formulation provides ease of application along with rapid activity, high insecticidal potency, long-duration control, and excellent safety for crops & non-target organisms. 

Working primarily through ingestion

Insects exposed to Corprima-treated plants stop feeding within minutes.

Excellent crop protection and longer residual control are combined effects of its properties like rapid feeding cessation, translaminar movement, systemic movement inside the plant, better rain fastness, and higher intrinsic potency.


  • A novel technology from FMC for Vegetable growers in India
  • Assured control of Fruit Borers
  • Enhanced flower and fruit retention due to better protection from insect damage
  • Performance on Plant Health
  • An excellent fit for Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

(Per Hectare)

CropCommon Name of PestFormulation (g)Dilution in (ltr)Pre-harvest Interval (in days)
OkraFruit borer (Helicoverpa Armigera & Earias vittella)715005
TomatoFruit borer (Helicoverpa Armigera)865003
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