FMC Cilpyrox Thifluzamide 24% SC Systemic Fungicide, Recommended for Sheath Blight in Rice and Black Scruf Disease in Potato
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Cilpyrox fungicide is a systemic fungicide that belongs to the Caboxynilide group.

It stops disease occurrence and checks for further growth/spread. Caboxynilide group based Cilpyrox fungicide inhibits succinate dehydrogenase in mitochondria which helps in energy creation of fungus.

It is rapidly absorbed by the roots and leaves and translocated to xylem and apoplast throughout the plant. 

Cilpyrox fungicide should be used before the disease occurrence for optimal efficacy.

It is recommended for Sheath blight in Rice and Black Scruf disease in Potato.

  • It’s a SDHI molecule that is very effective against Sheath Blight in Rice & Black Scruf disease in Potato
  • It is systemic in nature absorbed by the roots and translocated to other parts of the plant
  • Cilpyrox fungicide prevents disease occurrence
  • It is prophylactic in nature
  • Checks for further disease growth

Method of Application: Spray.

Dose: 1 ml per liter of water, 150 ml per acre.

Target Disease: Sheath blight, Black Scruf.

Target Crops: Paddy, Potato.

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