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1) Ficus benghalensis is an evergreen tree .

2) The tree is considered sacred by Hindus and is commonly planted for religious purposes, it is also grown as an ornamental and to provide shade along roads as well as in parks and large garden

3) NURSERY TECHNIQUE: Sowing is done in a tray filled with sand, mixed with compost after mixing the seed (which is minute) with wood ash to ensure uniform sowing. Germination starts within a week.

4) USES: It is planted for soil conservation, Fruits are used to prepare Shurbut traditionally.

5) DESCRIPTION OF THE TREE:  Very large, fast-growing, evergreen tree up to 3.0 meters, with spreading branches and many aerial roots. Leaves stalked, ovate-cordate, 3-nerved, entire, when young downy on both sides; petiole with a broad smooth greasy gland at the apex, compressed, downy; Fruit in axillary pairs, the size of a cherry, round and downy.

Pickup Address: Coimbatore, TAMIL NADU, 641041
12-7 Venketa Kirupa Illam, Selvam Nagar, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu 641041
Address of origin: 12-7 Venketa Kirupa Illam, Selvam Nagar, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu 641041