Cubic Fersa, Ferrous Sulphate 19% + Sulphur 10.5%, Soil and Foliar Application
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Cubic fersa (ferrous sulphate 19%) is a soil alteration to lower the ph of high alkaline soil so that plants can absorb soil’s nutrients which is essential for crop growth and food production. It is the key component of many enzymes associated with energy transfer, nitrogen reduction and fixation, and lignin formation.


  • Iron is a catalyst to chlorophyll formation.
  • Iron acts as an oxygen carrier in the nodules of legume roots.
  • Fersa helps in iron deficiencies that may be caused by an imbalance with other metals such as copper (cu), manganese (mn) and molybdenum (mo).
  • Plants deficient in fe will often display a pale green leaf color (chlorosis), with sharp distinction between green veins and yellow interveinal tissues. For such situations, fersa is the best solution.
  • It can be used as a lawn conditioner and moss killer.
  • Commonly soybean has a poor ability to extract iron from the soil, this situation is known as iron deficiency chlorosis, specially grown on soils high in lime. Fersa helps in the extraction of iron from the soil.
  • Most fe fertilizer sources work best applied as foliar sprays.


  • Crops - all cereals, pulses-oil seed crops, horticultural crops, and cotton.
  • Mode of application - soil application & foliar spray
  • Dosage - 5 - 10 kg per acre at the time of first top dressing & 1 kg per acre for foliar application.
Pickup Address: Bathinda, PUNJAB, 151005
Address of origin: F-70-71-72 INDUSTRIAL GROWTH CENTER BATHINDA, Punjab 151005