Ecotika Soil Acidifier Contains Sulphur, PH Manager Suitable For Organic Gardening.
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Company / Manufacture Ecotika
Country of origin: India




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For Acid loving plants

  • Lowers Soil pH and makes it more suitable for healthy plant development
  • Lowers the pH of soils for optimum growth of acid-loving plants
  • Derived from Elemental Sulfur & Gypsum
  • Helps to soften hard soils and makes it hold more water.
  • Reduces the soil conductivity caused by High salt content
  • Safer than Aluminum Sulfate
  • Can be used with Cotton seed meal
  • Suitable to mix with vermicompost and other farm yard composts
  • Manage and maintain Soil pH to mildly acidic

Suitable for use with

Blueberries, Hydrangeas and other acid loving plants

Use on all acid loving plants, trees and shrubs including:

Amaryllis, Andromeda, Aster, Azalea, Bayberry, Bleeding Heart, Blueberry, Camellia, Dogwood, Evergreens, Ferns, Fir, Gardenia, Heath, Heather, Hemlock, Holly, Huckleberry, Hydrangea, Inkberry, Juniper, Leucothoe, Lily-of-the-Valley, Lupine, Magnolia, Marigold, Mountain Ash, Mountain Laurel
Oak, Pachysandra, Phlox, Pieris, Pine, Raspberry, Rhododendron, Spruce, Strawberries, Wood-sorrel

We recommend wearing gardening gloves when feeding your plants

  • Hydrangeas & Blueberries: Apply in the spring to lower soil pH.
    New Plantings: 1-1/4 cups per plant.
    Established Plants: 2-1/2 cups per plant
    Spread evenly around the plant out to the drip line and water well. Repeat in 60 day intervals until desired pH or bloom color is achieved.
  • Potted Plants: One tbsp. for each 4˝ of pot diameter.
  • Broadcast Rate:
    Apply 12 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. for each one point reduction in soil pH desired. For heavy clay soils increase rate to 15 lbs. Gradual reduction in soil pH is preferred as dramatic reduction can result in stress.
  • As a Fertilizer: Apply 1/2 cup per 100 square feet (1 tablespoon per plant) around the root zone

Spread evenly around the plant out to the drip line and water well. Repeat in 60 day intervals until desired pH or bloom color is achieved.

Address of origin: Gandhidham, GUJARAT, 370205