EBS Trichoderma Harzianum Bio Fungicide, Used As a Fungicide and Biological Fertilizer
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Company / Manufacture Essential Biosciences
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Trichoderma Harzianum Bio Fungicide
  • Plant Growth Enhancement: Trichoderma Harzianum Powder Stimulates Root Development and Improves Nutrient Uptake, leading to Increased Plant Growth and Productivity.
  • Disease Suppression: Trichoderma Harzianum Acts as A Natural Fungicide, Inhibiting The Growth of Harmful Fungi and Bacteria and Protect Plants from Diseases Like Root Rot, Damping-Off, And Wilt.
  • Soil Health Improvement: Trichoderma Harzianum Decomposes Organic Matter, Releasing Nutrients and Improving Soil Structure, Making It More Fertile and Capable of Retaining Water.
  • Stress Tolerance: Trichoderma Harzianum Helps Plants Withstand Environmental Stresses Like Drought, Salinity, And Temperature Extremes by Activating Defense Mechanisms and Inducing Stress-Related Compound Production.
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Trichoderma Harzianum Is a Safe, Naturally Occurring Fungus That Offers an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Chemical Inputs, Promoting Organic Farming Practices and Contributing to A Sustainable Agricultural System.
  • Target Pathogen
  • It Is Highly Effective to Control the Pythium Spp., Rhizoctonia Spp., Fusarium Spp., Sclerotinia Spp. Macrophomina, Cephalosporium Sp., Sclerotium Rolfsii, Phytophthora Sp, And Meloidogyne Sp (Root Knot nematodes)
  • Storage Condition:
  • Store in A Cool and Dry Place.

Features & Benefits:


  • It Has a Wide Range of Activity and Used in Paddy, Maize, Rice, Pulses, Vegetable Crops, Oil Seeds, Cotton, Ginger, Turmeric, Cardamom, Tea, Coffee and Fruits Crop Etc.

Trichoderma harzianum (5 x 10^8 CFU: mg/min)

Mode of Action:

  • Seed Treatment
  • Seedling Treatment
  • Soil Application


  • Seed Treatment: 10 Grams of Formulation Mix in 50 Ml of Water and Applied On 1 Kg of Seed Uniformly & Shade Dry the Seeds for 20 To 30 Minutes Before Sowing.
  • Nursery Bed Treatment: Mix 50 Grams of Formulation Mix in 10 Litre of Water and Drench Nursery Bed of 1 Squaremeter at The Time of Seeding.
  • Seedling Treatment: Dissolve 100 Grams of Formulation in 10 Litre of Water and Dip the Roots of Seedlings for 30-45 Min Before Transplanting.
  • Soil Application: Mix 2.5 Kg with 50 Kg Farm Yard Manure and Broadcast in One-Hectare Field Before Sowing.
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