EBS Paclo 23 - Paclobutrazol 23% SC, Plant Growth Regulator, Enhances Branching, Flowering and Fruit Setting in Mango, Use for All Crops.
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Company / Manufacture Essential Biosciences
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Paclo-23: The Ultimate Growth Booster

Maximizing Flowering: Paclo-23, when combined with effective agricultural techniques, accelerates and synchronizes flowering in Mango and other plants, while also enhancing chlorophyll content.

Promoting Early Fruit Development: Experience improved fruit quality with Paclo-23, resulting in better color, size, and early fruit maturation, leading to enhanced yield.

Controlling Foliage Growth: Achieve balanced foliage and minimize vegetative growth and pruning with Paclo-23. It also aids in building plant resilience against environmental stressors and fungal diseases.

Mode of Action: Paclo-23 contains paclobutrazol, a potent phyto-regulator that inhibits gibberellin synthesis, thereby reducing vegetative growth. Its application results in balanced foliage and improved fruit quality.

Versatile Application: Paclo-23 is suitable for Mango, Onion, Carrot, Garlic, and a range of vegetable crops. It is applied as a soil drench around the tree trunk, facilitating efficient absorption through the roots.

Dosage Guidelines: Tailored dosages ensure optimal results. For trees of different ages, ranging from 7 to over 25 years, specific volumes of Paclo-23 dissolved in water are applied to the root zones.

Foliar Spray: For vegetable crops and others, Paclo-23 is recommended for foliar spray. The recommended dosage is 5-8 ml per 15 liters of water.

With Paclo-23, unlock the full potential of your crops and trees for a bountiful harvest and healthier plants.

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