Easykrishi Neemkure Broad Spectrum Organic Pesticides For All Crops (Pellets Farm)
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Our NEEMKURE for Plants are a tailored defense, shielding your plants from unwanted invaders. Carefully formulated, they target common insect pests while being gentle on your green companions. From leaves to roots, our solution ensures comprehensive protection, promoting a healthy and vibrant garden. Guard your plants with confidence - choose our product for your Plants for effective and plant-friendly pest control.

CROPS:- All Crops.

INSECTS:- Aphids, Jassids, Whiteflies, Mites, Leaf hoppers, Mealybugs, Thrips, early-stage DBM, Lead miners, etc.

Neemkure Insecticide is an innovative solution for controlling lepidopterans, thrips, leaf miners, and other sucking pests in various crops

DOSAGE:- 300g in 10 liters of water.

PREPARATION / USAGE:- Neemkure Pellets should be soaked in Water Overnight a Day Before Application, the Formulation has to be Applied @ 6kg/ acre (200 liters Spray Solution)./ 300g 10 Litres of Water 

• On the day of spraying, the remaining residue particles need to be filtered through muslin cloth/net, and the volume of the formulation needs to be made up to the required quantities.

• While spraying care should be taken to provide sufficient coverage on the growing portion

• Spray should be repeated at 7-9 days intervals, on average 9-10 sprays are required to the crop depending on the pest incidence, the need-based spray may be given if found necessary.


• Neem Pellet formulation boosts the farm income, and saves up to 70% on insecticide costs.

• Since the input is organic input, the vegetables you grow will be pesticide-residue free.

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