Herbirex (Diuron 80% WP) Crop Protection, Broad Spectrum Systemic Herbicide
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Technical Name :- Diuron 80% WP

Product Details

Herbirex is a residual herbicide of the substituted urea group. It is used for the pre-emergence or early post-emergence control of a wide range of annual grass and broadleaf weeds in a variety of crops. Herbirex acts primarily as a soil herbicide, being absorbed by the roots of germinating weeds and interfering with the process of photosynthesis. Rain or irrigation is necessary to activate the herbicide.

Crop: Sugarcane

Weeds: Cyperus iria, Portulaca racea, Echinochloa rusgalli, Cynotis spp, Amaranthus spp, Convonvulus, Sp. Digitaria spp. , Digitaria spp.

Dosage: 1kg per acre

Pickup Address: Sakharwadi, MAHARASHTRA, 415522
B-225, Pocket A, Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110020
Address of origin: B-225, Pocket A, Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110020