Darrick Rick D 505 Chlorpyriphos 50% + Cypermethin EC 5% Insecticide, Used to Control Chewing and Sucking Insect
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Technical Name:- Chlorpyriphos 50% +Cypermethin EC 5%

Chloropyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC A non-systemic insecticide of Organophosphorus and Synthetic pyrethroids group with contact and stomach action.

The product is used to control chewing and sucking insect pests.

A combination insecticide of two active ingredients, Chlorpyrifos 50% and Cypermethrin 5%. The former belongs to the organophosphorus group and the latter is a synthetic pyrethroid.

It is a broad-spectrum insecticide with contact, stomach poison with vapor action. It is a broad-spectrum insecticide having contact and stomach action against pod borers, fruit borers, stem borers, leaf miners, defoliating caterpillars, sucking pests, termites, etc.

Rick D 505 results in synergistic action providing longer protection.

Major Crops: Cotton, Paddy, Vegetables, Soyabean, Chickpeas, Pigeon peas

Dosage: 30-40 ml/pump or 250-400 ml per Acre

Pickup Address: Bathinda, PUNJAB, 151103
802-803, 8th floor, NDM-1, Netaji Subhash place, Pitampura, Delhi 110034
Address of origin: 802-803, 8th floor, NDM-1, Netaji Subhash place, Pitampura, Delhi 110034