Damman Bio-R303 is a Liquid Fertilizer, Helps in Increasing Flowering, Photosynthesis and Over all Plant Growth, Used in Chilli and Tomato
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Bio R 303 + is liquid derevative bio stimulant fertilizer extraxcted from nitrogen and which is used infoliar application in crops .it contains protein which helps in crops development , increases the plant metabolism and  growth.

Product Description Damman Bio-R303 + Fertilizers.

Bio r 303 +  is an unique bio product which acts on plants immune directly.

It has good control on sucking pests like aphids, jassids , thrips , leafminor & mites.

It can cure the initial stage of leaf curl in chilly.

Its widely used in chilly and tomato.

It helps in overall plant growth and induces flowering.

Dosage – 1ml – 1.5ml/lt.

It is one of the liquid fertilizer that improves immune system in plants.( Capacity to resist the diseases and insect pests)

It is mainy used to control the sucking pests like aphids, jassids, thrips, whiteflies, leafminors and mites.

It can be used to control whiteflies in Chilly.

It increases the growth of the plant and helps in increasing the flower population in plant.

Finally it leads to higher yield and inturn good profit

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Address of origin: #3, 1st Floor, PDS Towers, Off Kodigehalli Main Road, Sanjeevini Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560092

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