Crystal Dursban Chlorpyriphos 20%EC Insecticide, Broad-Spectrum Insecticide
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Technical Name : Chlorpyriphos 20%EC

Features :
  • Dursban acts as a Cholinesterase inhibitor, which belongs to organophosphorus group.
  • Dursban is a broad-spectrum insecticide acting as a nerve poison on insects.
  • Dursban is based on active ingredient Chlorpyrifos with EC formulation.
  • Dursban acts on insects by contact and stomach mode of action.
  • Dursban also exhibits fumigation action.
  • Dursban is widely used for control of various lepidopteron larvae.
  • Dursban is also used for protecting buildings from termite at pre and post construction stages.
Recommended dose :


Common Name of the Pest

Dose (per acre)

PaddyHispa, Leaf roller, Gall midge, Stem borer500-750 ml
BeansAphid, Pod borer1200 ml
GramCut worm1000 ml
SugarcaneBlack bug, Early shoot & Stalk borer, Pyrilla300-600 ml
CottonAphid, Bollworm, Whitefly, Cutworm500-1500 ml
GroundnutAphid, Root grub400-460 ml
MustardAphid200 ml
BrinjalShoot and Fruit borer400 ml
CabbageDiamond Black moth800 ml
OnionRoot grub2000 ml
AppleAphid1500-2000 ml
BerLeaf hopper900-1200 ml
CitrusBlack Citrus Aphid600-800 ml
TobaccoGroundnut beetle700 ml


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