Coromandel Acumist Calcium Foliar Spray Fertilizer, Specifically Formulated To Ensure Maximum Safety To The Crops
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Company / Manufacture Coromandel International
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Acumist Calcium is a premium self-manufactured calcium-based fertilizer available in concentrated liquid form. It has 11% calcium in liquid form which has higher efficiency as it is fast acting and readily corrects the calcium deficiency in crops.


  • AcuMist Calcium is a foliar spray fertiliser.

  • It contains a high concentration of calcium (11%) in liquid form.

  • The product is specifically formulated to ensure maximum safety for the crops.

  • Rapid action with good mobility within the plant.

  • It has suitable stabilizers and sticking agents for the best stability and efficiency of the product.


  • AcuMist Calcium is a liquid formulation that allows higher calcium availability to the plant.

  • It makes the cell wall strong, which increases resistance to pests & disease.

  • Acumist calcium application during the flowering stage of the crop stimulates internal chemical pathways which promote fruit set, resulting in increased fruit yields.

  • It generates a better return on investment for farmers as it is economical with low application rates.

  • It helps in rectifying some major calcium disorders like blossom end rot in tomatoes, bitter feet in apples, and black heart in leafy vegetables.

Dosage and Application:-

  • 3-5 ml/liter of water (depending on the crop).

Pickup Address: BINDKI, UTTAR PRADESH, 212635
Coromandel International Limited, Coromandel House, 1-2-10 Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003
Address of origin: Coromandel International Limited, Coromandel House, 1-2-10 Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003