Compo Expert Basfoliar Kelp O SL Biostimulant Seaweed Extract, For Foliar Application And Fertigation
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Natural high-quality biostimulant based on the extract of the seaweed Ecklonia maxima.

  • Suitable for organic farming

  • Extract obtained through gentle mechanical extraction from fresh seaweeds

  • High contents of beneficial substances, such as amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins

  • Vitalizes and promotes plant growth and root formation

  • Increases yield, quality and resistance to abiotic stress factors

  • For foliar application and fertigation

  • Basfoliar Kelp O SL is a biostimulant derived from kelp extract (Ecklonia maxima).

  • This biostimulant is a natural extract of the brown algae Ecklonia maxima, containing natural benefitual substances, proteins and amino acids for enhanced root growth, plant establishment and stress relief.

  • Suitable for organic farming.

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