Compo Expert Basfoliar Boro SL Bio-Stimulates, Highly Effective Liquid Boron, Leaf Fertilizer With 11% Water Soluble Boron as a Boron Ethanolamine
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Highly effective liquid boron leaf fertilizer with 11% water soluble boron to remedy acute boron deficiency and to prevent latent boron deficiency in agriculture and special crops.

  • For agricultural and horticultural crops

  • For preventive and curative treatment of boron deficiency

  • For foliar application

  • Basfoliar Boro SL is a liquid boron fertilizer for foliar application in crops with high boron demand due to either soil deficiency, specific growth stage or a generally high boron requirement.

  • Boron leaf fertilization with Basfoliar Boro SL is used for the safe and rapid elimination of the deficiency situation in cultures in need of boron.

  • The boron contained in the Basfoliar Boro SL is absorbed quickly and well via the leaf and is therefore directly at the point of need.

  • A good supply of boron increases the fertility of the flowers and improves pollination

  • E.g., in fruit trees, vineyards, and oilseed rape.

  • Basfoliar Boro SL reliably prevents heart and dry rot in beets and ensures sugar yield through the formation of assimilable leaf mass.

  • A certain increase in frost hardness in fruit growing was also observed.

  • EU fertilizing product

  • Boron fertilizer (B) in solution

  • For use in agriculture and for foliar application

  • Store inside; protect fertilizer from frost, light, and high temperatures. Storage temperature: 5 °C to 30 °C. Avoid large temperature fluctuations.

  • Do not stack the pallets. Note hazardous material labels on the product. Only store in original packaging. Use up promptly once opened. 

11,0 %Bwater-soluble boron, as boron ethanolamine (150 g/l)


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